What is 'Emotional First Aid'?

Emotional First Aid equips your people to work through the mental health challenges of the pandemic. With awareness and the right tools, your people can emerge with knowledge, growth and resilience.

Designed in collaboration with mental health experts, Emotional First Aid, is intended to support team members in being aware of their mental health, to norm talking about mental health, and to provide education and self-help tools that support and empower people to feel and be at their best.

It is “OK not to be OK.” Emotional First Aid addresses that each of us is not alone in our experience and the mental health challenges that arose. Our tools enable the team to enact self-care and “us-care” – creating conditions for well-being and the safety to speak openly about mental health.

As teams begin returning to the workplace, we are entering a new state of transition, and now is a pivotal time to tool up teams to be able to support mental health in an open, authentic and practical way.

Ei World has created three levels of Emotional First Aid, to support in-demand HR and Mental Health Champions in overcoming the enterprise-wide impact of burnout, long-term stress and collective trauma.

Emotional First Aid – Info & Awareness Pack available for download today!

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Enterprise-wide Mental Health Challenges

Isolation of experience – not knowing that others are also struggling

Anxiety and depression

Emotional and Physical Burnout

Uncertainty – perception of safety, and on-going change

Social disconnection

Fragile emotional well-being

Impacts on Performance and Teams

Unspoken interpersonal challenges

Miscommunications and misinterpretations

A need to create a shared understanding of the team’s experience

Less consistent and predictable team performance

A need for healing and a shared vision of how to move forward with resilience

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Action & Awareness Pack

A self-implemented set of resources that support self-awareness, emotional resilience and understanding of how to make mental health conversations a norm.

Awareness & Info pack on Mental Health – A self-guided slide deck packed with resources

Video guides from industry experts in Mental Health helping you to understand the challenges faced today and ways to cope with them

Data and Advice helping you to improve and sustain your Mental Health

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Emotional First Aid +

This self-guided path to improved Mental Health uses STARS, a platform that takes you on a journey to understanding and improving your own Mental Health

Awareness & Info pack on Mental Health

Access to our 8-step STARS program – Coaching activities that support resilience and better mental health for a priority group of employees

At purchase you will be prompted to create your STARS account. The program will be available within 48 Hours

Why work with Ei World?

Two decades of experience

We are one of the longest standing providers in the field of emotional intelligence – established 1999

Executive coaching on a global scale

We have coached CEOs and CxOs individually and with their teams across 45 countries

HR and people support at scale

We support the companywide work of HR and talent professionals at some of the world’s largest companies

Faster time to market

After working with Ei World, an industrial client reported reduction of time from 7 years to 4 months, to build a new machine prototype

Performance beyond average

After working with Ei World, a regional client team reported that their leadership team outperformed their sector beyond all predictions


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Your Team Coaches from Ei World

Dr. Geetu Bharwaney

As the founding director and CEO of Ei World, Dr Geetu Bharwaney has been successfully leading a team of executive coaches and organisational effectiveness consultants for over 27 years. This work is in service of helping client teams to experience a step change in how they function.

Ei World's specialism is the advanced application of emotional intelligence, in leaders and teams, including the awareness and development of emotional resilience. In Ei World, we deploy a holistic, tailored team coaching approach, which incorporates thought-provoking assignments for the team that challenge a team to reflect and move on from self-limitations, assumptions and thinking patterns.

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